5 Rules to a Healthier Diet for Woman


Forming a More Feminine Figure Through Food


Self image or self esteem is a major topic with young woman today. Its especially difficult to deal with in todays digital age. From mass media to social media, woman are under a constant pressure to look a certain way, or have a certain body shape. In most cases, the image of woman being promoted are unreal, photo-shopped or surgically altered. Creating a false and unobtainable idea of what a woman should look like.

Often times these images of woman are promoted by a product or industry. For example Kim Kardashian may seem to be your average celebrity, but a closer look into her sponsor’s will reveal a laundry list of body sculpting products and plastic surgery procedures. Advertisers know the marketing power that celebrities have and how to use it. This pushes most woman into believing that the only option to obtaining their ideal body is by taking diet pills or even having surgery. The truth is what you eat can make the biggest impact on your shape.


Whats Possible with The Right Diet

Let me first say, your body can be shaped and molded without surgery! I know surgery would be the fastest way, but plenty of women have false expectations. Surgery is not permanent, plenty of girls decide to go under the knife to lose weight, only to gain it all back within a year. What we want is long lasting real results. This means taking the time necessary and working for it. Once you achieve your goals, you will know how to maintain your body and how much effort was needed. So what can you do just by diet and exercise?


Its Possible to:

  • Lose weight
  • gain weight
  • Develop a bigger or smaller buttocks
  • Reduce or grow bigger hips
  • Slim down your waist without losing shape
  • The list goes on…


You can have almost any body type you desire through diet and exercise without every going through surgery. Once you decide to work for your body you will notice that the journey is half the fun and showing off in a bikini is the reward.


Diet is the Key!

Now, before you go off getting the wrong idea. By diet I don’t mean eating like a rabbit. What I mean by diet is what you eat and developing the right eating habits. As a matter a fact, I promote eating more, not less! Diet trends and fades have completely destroyed the idea of what and how much to eat. Tie that in with fast foods, processed meats and preservatives that sound like a science experiment, what you get is a total void of nutritional ideals. Woman today are not over or under weight because of how much they eat, its what they eat and its effect on hormones.

Don’t Cut the Fat

Lets look at a basic “Weight Loss” diet, cutting out dietary fat intake to lose weight. This is probably one of the most damaging ways a woman can try to lose weight or burn fat. Dietary fat is very important to health and hormone production. When you eat fat, your liver takes that fat and creates cholesterol. A portion of the cholesterol is used for hormone production. Cutting down too much on fat intake will result in hormone imbalance, more tummy fat and an impaired metabolic system. Eating more healthy plant based fats as well as a moderate amount of animal fat can help you slim down your tummy. Best of all, once hormones are back in check. A womans body will naturally store a healthy amount of fat on the butt and hips.

The Scale lies

Don’t judge your health or body condition on a scale. Weighing your self is pointless, unless your trying to evaluate your macro nutrients. Body weight varies by time of day, how much you have in your belly and amount of water your retaining. There really is no “ideal” weight, no matter what your told. Everyone is different, height and weight cannot determine your true body type. Some girls retain more water, some girls don’t carry fat on their belly, some do on their hips and thighs or vice versa. If you want to know how you look, or if your diet is working, use a mirror, evaluate how you look and feel.


Read Labels

Yes, I know it sounds like a nuisance but its vital to molding your perfect body. Heres the thing, ignore nutritional facts. We don’t care about how many calories of fat in in a bag of chips, we want to know the ingredient profile. It can be as easy as looking for products that only list common ingredient you can find in your kitchen. If  an ingredient sounds like it comes from a chemistry set, put it down and find a different of chips bag. The list of potentially hormone damaging ingredients used in todays foods is huge. Don’t be a lab rat, only eat things that come from nature not a lab.


Water Only

Probably the hardest rule to follow, but one of the most effective. We all know how bad soda’s and soft drinks are, but many of use over look juices. An 8oz cup of orange juice contains as much as 12 packets of sugar. Think about how much that equals in a year, now how that effects your body. Water is zero fat, sugar and calories. You can have as much of it as you want and never feel guilty! Here is a list of drinks I consider acceptable:

  • Water
  • seltzer water
  • Coffee with/without cream – no sweetener
  • Tea with/without cream – no sweetener


Eat More

Believe it or not, sometimes you need to eat more to loss weight. Our bodies are built to endure anything, even starvation. If you are dieting and fall into whats known as a severe calorie deficit, the result of not eating enough calories a day, can causes a major slow down in metabolism. This not only mean you will stop losing weight or burning fat. It also means that your body will make storing energy (as fat) a priority, basically gaining weight.


So What Did We Learn?

We cant walk away without a recap. First, us women need good healthy fats for proper hormone production and balance. The scale is in no way an indicator of health or figure. What you put in is what you get out. If your diet consists of foods that are invented by people in lab coats, its time to simplify. Reduce your annual calorie from sugar intake by drinking water and of course eat more!