Construct Wide Shoulders With This Superset


You’ve never prepared your delts like this! (We can tell.) Take a gander at this one of a kind hypertrophy strategy


Halfway/Isolation Superset

Like all supersets, this technique includes doing two activities performed consecutive with negligible rest. However, here, the main activity is a noteworthy lift finished with a fractional scope of movement and the second is a disengagement exercise.

How you do your halfway reps is essential. You have to hold the objective muscles under strain for a sufficiently long timeframe, so play out the fractional reps in a “no-speeding up” style. This is what it would seem that for delts:


Partial-Rep Shoulder Press + Lateral Raise

Try to maintain the same fairly slow speed during the whole range of motion, focusing on keeping the tension on the target muscle. It should take you about the same time to complete one partial rep as it would a full rep. Do 8-10 reps on both the partials and the isolation exercise.

Not Just for Delts

This same training method can also be used for:

  • Pecs: Do the bottom-half of the bench press for partials, then do the cable cross-over for isolation.
  • Quads: Upper half of squat, then leg extension
  • Hamstrings: Middle portion of a Romanian deadlift (from below the knees to mid thigh), then leg curl
  • Lats: Second half (contracted position) of a lat pulldown, then straight-arm pulldown
  • Biceps: First half of a chin-up or lat pulldown, then barbell curl