Drink This Milk-Yogurt Hybrid


right here are four reasons to add this nutritional powerhouse in your diet.

Greek yogurt in a glass jars with spoons on wooden background

Kefir is a drinkable cross between milk and yogurt. here’s why you must don’t forget adding it to your healthy eating plan:

Kefir is loaded with true micro organism that help hold your digestion in top shape so that you can you can extract all the calories and vitamins from the massive quantities of food your body desires. the good micro organism also strengthens your immune gadget.
Kefir has greater protein than milk or normal yogurt.
The lactose in kefir, which many humans could have problem with, is largely non-existent because the coolest bacteria in it pre-digests it for you.
It additionally has calcium and vitamin D, two nutrients for bone fitness in order that your body can hold to withstand the pounding of severe education. I continually see my athletes having low intakes of these two nutrients.
i exploit kefir in shakes in place of water to get in extra calories and a punch of extra vitamins. simply get the type that hasn’t had quite a few sugar and different junk introduced to it.